Creative Block

3 Mar

Mar 3rd

Creative block

1. Do you experience creative block? If so, how do you deal with it? If not, how do you keep your momentum?

2.In this reading, what one sentence is most meaningful to you? Why? Again, in addition to answering this question in your reading response post, please add the quotation to your quotations page.

Yes, of course I did. My creative block not only records my instant ideas. I also have some absurd random writing, which I read from others blocks or articles.  As long as I like it, it will be showed in my blocks. In someway, there are more inspiration words in my blocks.

We should keep going until we feel some inkling of confidence that there will be a suitable outcome.

I like this most. Idea and concept need to be developed. The most important thing is “time”. If we can continue doing it every day, there will be a progress. For design, I can finish a project in one day, and I also can spend 1 month to develop my project. The different length of time you use, the different quality of your works hold.



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