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rethinking bio-engineering

4 Apr

Nowadays, human beings create/ design our new creatures, such ligers (lion and tiger), geeps (goat and sheep), and mice with ears on the back.  we are creating new lives for our own purpose. Do we need a ground rule for those bio-engineering projects?


lights needs dark

31 Mar

in this video, it shows me how lights create environment and comfort. The smart way of using lights makes our life better.

Handspring Puppet Co

31 Mar


Those life-like puppets are amazing. When controllers get behind those puppets,  puppets are alive. Every details seems from real animals.

Louis Beaudoin and O/K

24 Mar

Designer: Louis Beaudoin

His works are clean and impressive.

I like how he uses shapes, materials and layers.


street artist

21 Mar

This slideshow requires JavaScript. (2006 show)

street artist

Banksy Pranksy

“where did it all begin?”

Inspiration is anywhere in the life so Banksy takes his video camera everywhere.


15 Mar

Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004) French Photographer

Fantastic photos

photo skills

10 Mar

photo skills!