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Metabook concept narrative

26 Apr

Book concept narrative

Summarize your philosophical approach to your book design; explain your formal + technical choice in keeping with your approach; reflect on the trajectory of your process+ what you have learned from it.

I basically divided the study of this semester into four sections. I am trying to make a clear structure of my book so my readers can better reflect what I am talking about.  The four sections are: 1, inputs & inspirations  2, in class input & ideas reflections 3, practical learning 4, photo book project process. I use different colors to divide the four sections. The four colors also correspond to my book cover.

Through out the entire book, I arranged some quotes from the readings of this semester and some of my thoughts (in color). Those paragraphs are independent by themselves but they are also corresponding to the content of the images. It is more like idea/thought/concept elaborations of what the images can bring.

From my process, I learn how I can logically structure a book and I know how I can efficiently using my grid. At first, I am thinking about structure my book chronologically but it is not easy to find the content I want to see immediately.  Chronological is not a good way to indicate what I have learned through the semester. Then, I decided to break all contents into sections. It makes my people easier to grab the gist of my study in this semester.


metaprocess book comp PDF

14 Apr

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