12 Apr

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For my Metaprocess book, I designed out little little graphics to unified every sections. Different sections are differentiate by different colors.


4/12 metaprocess book initial idea

12 Apr

T 04.12 Upon designing sample spreads with your actual content, what are you discovering about your initial grid and typographic systems?

I briefly decided my titles, dates, content, and sub-content typographic. My titles and Dates are Goudy old style. My content and sub-content are Helvetica light. I differentiate them via various sizes and color. I am using 7″*7″ templates and divided a page into two colons.

blog meta-process book

5 Apr

contact sheets[

Today, we output our contact sheets and blog content. I will pick up the texts and images for my metaprocess book.

project summary 4/5

5 Apr

4/5 In what ways are you satisfied with your independent project to date? In what ways would you like to resolve, refine, and complete it by the end of the semester?

About my independent project, I am satisfied with the uniqueness of my photos and the opinions that I gather from different students.

I am pretty happy with how I put them together.

For further refinement, I would like to think about book binding techniques( or have Blurb done that for me), my advertising pieces, and material choice.

rethinking bio-engineering

4 Apr

Nowadays, human beings create/ design our new creatures, such ligers (lion and tiger), geeps (goat and sheep), and mice with ears on the back.  we are creating new lives for our own purpose. Do we need a ground rule for those bio-engineering projects?

lights needs dark

31 Mar

in this video, it shows me how lights create environment and comfort. The smart way of using lights makes our life better.

Handspring Puppet Co

31 Mar


Those life-like puppets are amazing. When controllers get behind those puppets,  puppets are alive. Every details seems from real animals.