03/08/2011 what lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral

8 Mar

T 03.08 1, What does John Maeda mean by ‘enlightened shallowness’? 2, How does he apply the metaphor of white space to design and to life? 3, In this reading, what one sentence is most meaningful to you? Why? Again, in addition to answering this question in your reading response post, please add the quotation to your quotations page.


1,enlightened shallowness

“It is befitting that we start this trek by talking about nothing.” Enlightened shallowness is, before we started our design, what we scan through the internet or books. It is what offers us inspirations. It is “nothing is something”.


2, emptiness.

He talks about Zen in Japan–how white space is applied. The article offers a perspective ” Nothing is an important something.” The white space gained back attention on what remains. It encourages us to do less, but do better. “where there is so little of significance to feel, every minor sensation seems annoyingly amplified.” Example In life: sushi vs white room. Ear plug example.


3, meaningful sentence.

“Nothing is an important something.” It corresponds to some eastern philosophy. No matter in making design or art or in life, I enjoy the moment of rambling. It is aimlessness but it is a sort of meditation. Whereas what we did in class, free writing. I like this part best. It is giving a way of organizing my thoughts and my life.


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