Feb 24th, Aesthetics issue

24 Feb

R 02.24

1, What two camps do Shaughnessy (and Vignelli, cited) draw within graphic design with regards to aesthetics? Which side do you tend toward more, and why?

2, According to Shaughnessy, what is ‘the essential conundrum at the heart of graphic design?’ Do you agree with his statement? Why or why not?

For designers, aesthetics is a term that has became interchangeable with style and visual appearance. We see the appearance of something before we see the content. Two kinds of graphic designers: 1, STRUCTURED SIDE, rooted in history and semiotics and problem solving. 2, EMOTIONAL SIDE, rooted in the liberal arts, painting, figurative arts, advertising, trends, and fashions. I feel that I tend toward emotional side more. I would like to judge the look and feel first, then, I will go back to analyze the structure of the design.

There aren’t many designers who don’t have personal aesthetic reasons for their actions. The essential Conundrum at the heart of graphic design is: aesthetics are personal, yet design is not personal, design is about objectivity. As designers we can never have complete aesthetic freedom. We always challenge us and our clients in terms of aesthetic values. I agree with the statement. No doubt, we design for our clients not for ourselves. It is impossible to fully fulfill our own aesthetic value. There must be some point that we have to respect what our clients want.


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