Shaughnessy’s reading~

17 Feb


1.What relationship does Shaughnessy set up between empathy and egotism?

2.Do Shaughnessy’s theories on the generation and the development of ideas resonate with your own experience? Compare and contrast.


Empathy is an ability to identify with and understand another person’s feeling or difficulties. Designers are either empathizers or egotists. Most of designers are empathizers, but to be successful, a designer should be able to combine empathy with egotism, some stubborn inner conviction. On one side, our work will be richer and more effective. On the other hand, our design can fulfill our clients and the users.


Ideas are widely regarded as the mental building blocks of design. Shaughnessy believes that, if we want to have good ideas, we should constantly try to generate them, otherwise we would get stuck. The best way to drag ideas out is in a group brainstorming. Exchange ideas could produce better ideas. I agree with it. When every time I talk to someone about my ideas, they would generate some ideas based on my thoughts either additional or totally contradict. I am not necessary apply it into my ideas, but it is a good way to lead my thinking process.  It brings inspiration to me.



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