reading response to the methods of research

13 Feb

T 02.15

1,What is the difference between formative research and summative research?

2, Of the three process models highlighted (Big 6, AIGA, and Design Council), which one can you relate to the most? Why?

Formative research is done at the beginning of the research. It aids in problem identification and problem solving. Whereas summative research is done at the end of the research. It offers solutions and mostly it is conclusive. It was used to frame and decipher the result of an investigative process as well as answered such a questions like  “Am I success? Am I doing correctly?”

I feel that the different methods are used in different situations. If I am doing a project for myself or school assignment, I will choose the Big 6TM or AIGA’s Designing Framework. The two methods are more suitable for the self-development projects and individual work space. If I am dealing with my clients, definitely, I will choose the Design Council method. there are more interactions with the clients and information shares. It is more about building a relationships in terms of service instead of creating your own projects.


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