reading response to Ridsdale and Sagmeister

10 Feb
  1. In the case studies of Ridsdale’s and Sagmeister’s projects, what is surprising to you?
  2. What insights can you gain from their design processes to apply to your upcoming independent project?

I was surprised that how different from the beginning of the project to the end. It also involved many different areas other than design issues. As a designer, we are not only responsible to know design but also responsible to know our subject matters.

I think research is a most important process in design. For my independent project, I would like to take more time to do research and organize my information. The core of a design project is not its looks, its fantasy medium/materials or its clean presentation. The excellence of a project is whether it communicates with audiences or not. Does the project achieve its goal to show audience what the designer want them to see clearly?


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