Reading response to Buchanan and Shaughnessy

3 Feb

R 02.03

  1. What relationships between design, subject matter, and disciplines does Buchanan espouse?
  2. Shaughnessy presents two contrasting notions of authorship in graphic design. Which do you agree with more, and why?

In the article, Richard Buchanan explains the difference between design and science. Design is evidence of a coherent, history of subject matter. Design participates in many diverse professions and academic disciplines. He says design should be applied in so many subject matters because science and design share a mutual interest in a common theme: the conception and planning of the artificial.

It depends on the situation. If I am design for my own purpose, I definitely want to keep my full authorship. If it is a job for clients, designer’s authorship is not that much important as in the first situation. In this case, designers do not have control of the entirety. Regarding to ideas and concepts, part of those offers by the client. As a designer, the final outcome is for clients’ use instead of themselves.


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