Reading response to AIGA Advises and the Good Guide to Working Better

23 Jan

From the Good Guide to Working Better, I will take 4 of the new habits.

1, Share idea liberally ( use blogs)

2, take notes of little inspiration

3, Plan of thinking hours everyweek

4, write half an hour everyday for myself


Regarding to AIGA advises, I would like to focus on my written skills this semester because writing is a large portion of our life as well as in design field. We need email clients, express our idea through proposals, communicate with formal documents, write blogs and so on. Considering all those writings, written skills are indispensable. Once a person obtains the well written skills, he would have the logic way to organize his ideas, and a systematic method to express his ideas without poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and lacking of clarity. It is also a foundation of verbal communication.


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