Reading response to Danzico, Bierut, Johnson

19 Jan

1. What Parallels do you draw between what  Michael Bierut and LIz Danzico posit about designing?

I think that both of them are promoting self-learning in terms of different fields.  In order to complete and enhance an effective design, designers need know and understand their audiences well. A good designer should have a range of knowledges. As Beirut said,” the more things you’re interested in, the better your work will be.”  And Danzico concluded, “Going beyond yourself, then, can become a natural extension of your everyday.” I totally agree with what they said.

2. Steven Johnson outlines contrary arguments about the serendipitous capacity of the internet compared to that of analog media. Based on your own use of digital and print media, which do you find to be more serendipitous why?

For me, I feel like internet is more serendipitous. As the articles says, ” the Web is more than ten times as serendipitous as the classic print newspapers.” The internet contains more information at once and it is more contemporary. It is much faster than search in a library.

3. In this set of three readings, what one sentence is most meaningful to you? Why?

“Going beyond yourself, then, can become a natural extension of your every day.”

I like this sentence the most. It could push me to learn and try a little bit new everyday. Then, day after day, I will be really rich in terms of my knowledge and experience.


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